Should I give up or keep trying?

So I have this thing going, I been with my boyfriend for almost two years, however our sex at the beginning wasn't too good it was enjoyable but nothing crazy ( he didn't had to much experience) as time passed our sex became more and more enjoyable than before. Recently I found out he was flirting with another girl at his job, anyways apparently she's not into him but he is into her, we spoke but he tells me that he loves me etc so we trying to work things out, I am a very sexual person but I can't show it around him because sometimes I sent him a text message but he doesn't seem to be interested he responds because he knows if he doesn't respond back I'll get upset I don't know what else to do to make him more attractive to me I feel like it's my fault he's interested in another woman. Should I keep going or should I stop and give up? ?


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  • Really? he flirting with other girls after you been together for two years and had lots of sex. He clearly just keeping you along as long as he can because your easy access to sex. SOME GUYS will say anything to garenteed sex so if he said he loves you did you feel like he ment it or did you feel like he said it to say it?

    • I feel like he meant it, but I think since I'm like his only girl he slept with he wants to see what's out there although i asked him and he said no

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    • I guess I just miss interpret what you were saying sorry

    • It's ok n I understand

  • be more commanding strong and establish who he belongs to.. go Hitler on his ass

    • This just made me laugh 😂 I mean I tried but he doesn't seem interested he keeps saying it me he wants but he doesn't show it, he still upset about that girl. To the point he almost blames me for showing her what he said about her, he hasn't been at work all week but I think that he's trying to avoid her.

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    • My girlfriend's fear is she feels she's going to flirt again.. they went back and forth on messenger to talk and she did say that she was not into me and she was just joking.. but my girlfriend feels that she was just saying that and she is still concerned about that she will try something up.

    • @1-3-2-4 my fear is not her my fear is you because it's clear you can't avoid temptation

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  • If you're at the point of deciding to give up, think about the two years that you spent with him. Was it memorable? Was it full of love? Is it worth fighting for? One night you'll just realize that one thing you'll regret doing is that you didn't give a shot at trying everyday even if it's just 1%/day you know what I mean? Everyday counts girl. Do what you can. Explore! Think out of the box. Good Luck!

    • I'm trying here but I am also hurt and scared he might do it again ! As long as he changes I'll be by his side I love him too much to throw two years out the window, we been through a lot but we end up making up and makes us stronger every time we fight, we made rules about things we want to work on and change between us hopefully it helps

    • I get your point here sis. You already have trust issues because he broke it from there on. But you need to be able to learn to trust him again for it to work out. 😄

    • Thank

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