Why do guys play Facebook games?

My ex deactivated his account blocked and unblocked me on Facebook and some fake Facebook try's to add me I had a guy friend send to fake Facebook user which is probably him. He asked who he was and if this account is a real guy and if he knew me and why he's adding me. He got blocked lol and that profile has not been active since and set to private. Does this Facebook crap mean anything? I didn't accept the add but I definitely feel someone ( him or not him) is trying to get on my page but why lol


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  • Maybe your ex misses you and wants to snoop on your page and see if your dating somebody else.

    • I doubt it we didn't date long and in fact when he ended it he said he used me

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    • He also hid the add me button on his fb for months and now it appears I think he wants me to add him but I'm not going to do that. I don't understand how playing with his Facebook settings is going to change anything I always kind of wanted an apology I thought I'd feel better about it if I ever got one

    • True him playing with his settings doesn't change nothing. Maybe he wants you to add him so that way it makes it seems like your chasing him. He seems to have to much pride and a big ego to apologize. He does owe you an apology.

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