Can I get him back? Does he still like me?

Pardon for bad English.
boyfriend of 3 months asked for break up because I am clingy. I begged him not to break up but just taking a break. He agree but still not sure things gonna work. We're on a long distance relationship but that time we we're on a vacation.
Before we went to the vacation, he already not sure about our relationship. Earlier at the vacation, he won't touch me at all. I iniciate all the touching. He won't touch me back.
After we made decission to taking a break, I stopped touching him and try to have friendly convo with him. I told him that I am not sure anymore with our future plans. Like moving together to Aussie and watching concert in Singapore. I told him I am sorry but I think this is for the best. He seems surprised on how I handle things from crying and begging to "I can do things without you".
The next day he become very touchy. Hug and stuffs. He told me he hope we can still move to Aussie and watching concert together. He said " I still want to meet you because I still want to have this". I don't know what he mean with "this" is it the relationship or the companionship. I told him I can't give him definitive decission.
When I went home, he texted me. Asked about my flight. I answered 5 hours later with cold answer. I manage to stop talking for the next 7 days (he doesn't try to text again) before I decided to texted him. He answered immediately. I told him I miss him and he told me he miss me to. He said he tought I didn't want to talk to him and I told him I just want to give him space. He called me later that night.
Now I contacted him regularly every 3/4 days. He always answer immediately and respond to my "I miss you" with "I miss you to". I iniciate all the contact but I tought it because when he tried to contact me before, I answered very cold and take 5 hours.
I wanna know if I take the right step to restore his attraction to me and if I should keep iniciate contact with him? Is he being nice or he still like me? Thank you.


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  • I wish I had a girlfriend like you


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  • You summed up the problem in the first line - he broke up with you because you're clingy and you thought begging him was the way to handle that? If he doesn't want the relationship don't guilt him into it because that isn't him choosing you, he just feels sorry for you which is pathetic. Have enough self-respect to not chase someone, let alone beg them to be with you, accept he doesn't want the relationship.


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