My ex keeps telling me that he needs "time" to figure out if we are good for each other?

My ex and I fought a lot, and almost all of the time. He broke up with me when I got upset one of the times and I guess it was his final straw. After that, we talked about how much we loved each other but weren't sure why we always fought. He said that he needed time to see if we were right for each other and really wanted us to be friends only during this time, so we could live our own lives but still be a part of each others'... and in time figure out "what we want". The only issue was that I never wanted the breakup/break that he is wanting. So now, 2 months later, he's still doing his own thing. From what I understand he's basically just hanging out with friends, working, doing his favorite hobbies, I think talking to some girls, and going on these little vacations he's been wanting to go on for a while. I'm cool with all of this because I understand that is what a break/break up will consist of... but I just don't know if this "time" he needs will ever come to an end. I am afraid he is going to get used to this single life ESPECIALLY since he still gets to see me and spend time with me whenever he wants to, because I am very willing to see him. I want him to see that we can be better, but I also do hurt each time I see him because I never get that "talk" I am waiting for.

Should I continue holding on to this relationship or should I just start parting ways so that I can live my own life too? (staying his friend at this moment is too hard, I wouldn't be able to see past me wanting to be with him again)
If it helps or changes the answer at all, we were together for roughly 3 years at the time of breakup.


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  • dont even waste your time on this idiot. MOVE ON. cut him off. he fucked up when he let you go, so why are you letting him jerk you around? he doesn't run you. maybe you'll get used to the single life and find someone who treats you better and find a better man than him. stop wating on him


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