Should I have waited to do the NO CONTACT RULE?

Me and my ex are on a joint phone line. (In his name) He text me during no contact that I'm using too much data and to watch what I'm doing. I pay my part if the bill every month to be clear. I've been slowing down on data usage but I just wanted to text him back so bad and tell him I want off the line. A : because he is only doing what he did in the relationship; being controlling and B : I want unlimited data anyway. C : the phone bill is 100 a month , is like to save some money. My service has been going in and out. I'm having so many problems with my phone such as not getting calls, texts not sending and internet not even loading. I've been told when someone called it said my service was disconnected. But then it went back to normal the next call. I am paying the bill on time every month but this service is terrible. I want to tell him I want to disconnect but I've been doing no contact for 18 days so far. The goal was to do the 30 day no contact. Maybe I should have waited to do no contact until I got my on line away from his... what should I do at this point?


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  • Maybe wait it out, it sucks but I feel like addressing the issue will create tension and stress and possibly lead to an argument. Make sure you're not over using data as this will annoy him and wait out 30 days, trust me no contact works wonders providing you are self improving


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  • Can you cancel without contacting him?

    • I haven't tried. It will leave him having to pay a huge cancellation fee and I'm not trying to screw him over. He's allowed me to stay on his plan for 2 months after we've broken up.

    • It might be worth calling the telco and asking them about it. Maybe you could pay off the handset (if it's through them) and take it to another company?

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