Has My EX moved on?

My ex & I have been split up for almost 3 months. We knew each other in 1st grade and liked each other, he moved and years later he found me on facebook. Liked some of my posts so I messaged him & we hit it off. Were friends since we were like 14 or 15. Now we're 21. by the way, he stays 2 hours from me so we were distant from 2010 until 2014. Which is when we first met.. we started dating in 2013 though! He broke up with me for a lot of reasons & at first I wasn't happy about the break up (whose ever happy about breaking up?) But NOW, I'm really glad we did. There's a lot of things that could've been better on both parts. But yesterday we talked about how we wanted our friendship to work (there's a lot more details I'd like to explain, but I can only type so much) ANYWAY... I told him if he was going to be a friend then don't make it awkward or anymore difficult than it has to be. Today he text me & asked could we talk, he told me he was talking to someone and wanted to let me know. Which I respect. My heart was beating fast and all I could think was wow... but he said they've only been talking for a month. A few weeks ago when he came to see me and do my pictures for my birthday (he's a photographer) he kissed me & was flirty. But he was shady afterwards. And now I see why. He said she understands that he needs space... which is something I was horrible with. But I just want to know if you guys still think I have a chance? Like as bad as I don't want him talking to anyone, I do want him to be happy and I'm glad he's not stressed. He opened up a lot more tonight too, which I could never get when we were together. So I feel like this is a good start. Bittersweet though. I want him to be happy, & honestly I want to believe they won't talk long... but I don't wanna get my hopes up. She stays near him too so idk? He said that there's a chance we could work out BUT he said don't count on it too much. He believes that whatever is supposed to happen... will. HELP?


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  • That sounds like a terrible situation. It sounds like he's trying to play you, maybe make you a side chick he can always fall back to. A "second choice". There's a reason you broke up yes? Keep that in mind.


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