Advice needed - how to/do I respond to ex?

My ex messaged me yesterday wishing me happy birthday asking what I was doing for it etc. I dont want to read too much into it but I am curious how best to handle it - I do miss her badly and want her back still but she's made it clear she doesn't see us trying again despite messing me around and going back and forward for six months. Do I..

a) not reply
b) answer but not make much effort just simply reply with a standard response
c) try and get conversation going

If anything I just want to try and have an effect on her so advice opinions from women appreciated on what you think would impact you the most from an ex boyfriend.


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  • Since you're not over her, I think A will be the best option.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A or B. If you choose B, and you're not over it, guard your heart mate


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  • tell her you dont have plans and see if she would like to maybe get dinner but keep it short and casual. You might be up for some fucking if you do it right lol


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