Is my ex using me or does he have feelings?

So long story short he broke up with me because he didn't want the agg of a girlfriend like the arguments and the hassle. Of course I was broken hearted and yes I do still miss him and in a perfect world we would stil he together, but I respect and understand why he doesn't want a relationship. So 2 months later and we hinted about having sex. I asked him why don't you have it with any other girl? And he said he wants it with me because I'm special and more attractive than any other girl. He promised that he won't just have sex with me then kick me out and forget me forever, and he'd like it to be a more than one time thing (tbh I don't know about that). He also said there's a risk about his feelings coming back :s but he doesn't want that because he wants to be single.
is he using me? Am I an idiot if I agree to have sex with him and be friends with benefits?


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  • Doesn't sound to me like he's an "ex" at all. Certainly not from his standpoint. And now... you're the other half, and your answer as to whether you agree with him will determine whether or not this boat sails or stays docked.

    • Sorry I don't understand.. how does he not sound like an ex?

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    • I don't think I want to be with him in 2 years I will have a completely different life. I want to be with him right now but he just doesn't because he wants to spend his teen life being single

    • Then it comes down to the one night flip. Only you can answer as to whether or not you want that.

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  • sounds like he still likes you but doesn't want a commitment. I think you should just wait for him to know what he wants better

    • Only thing is we are moving to different sides of the country next year for school. It won't work I don't think :/

    • then in that case try not to think about it too much. if it's meant to be it will happen

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  • A friends with benefits relationships is a mutual agreement between the two people , so neither should feel used. If you feel used then it's not the type of relationship you should enter into

    It seems like he's manipulating you. I'd move on from him

  • Sounds like he is using you for sex because you're pretty. I wouldn't do it if I were you

    • True but I feel like his feelings may come back?

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    • What I'm trying to tell is that he is using you girl and those feelings were never there to begin with

    • Oh they definitely were. I broke up with him during our relationship and he was a mess, I do believe he truly loved me at one point

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