How do I get him back?

He broke up with me almost three weeks ago. He said he was unhappy--it was nothing I was doing, he was just really unhappy. He said he wasn't excited to see me anymore. He said he loved me, but couldn't be with me and he wanted to end it now before we hated each other so we could salvage whatever we may have left. He said he wasn't writing off us getting back together.

I dream about him every single night and it's really taking a tole on my emotional, mental, and even physical health. I am losing so much sleep, I barely eat, I'm depressed all the time.

Our relationship was very serious. We talked about getting married and we had a wedding planned, rings picked out, everything. He wanted to join the Army and then his family talked him out of it, and after that he became very closed off.

I want to talk to him and see if we could get back together. I know that I can't just jump the gun and ask him to be back with me, but I still want to talk to him and see if we could... maybe after a little bit of talking for a while, he'll realize that he wants me back, too.

Do you think it's a good idea? We haven't really spoken in about two weeks and I'm very nervous as to what his reaction will be if I try to talk to him.

And it seems to me that he stays up late to check on me. I've been up late every night to avoid sleeping because it kills me to dream about him all night long. He stays online until very early in the morning, even though he has work, and he'll sign into Facebook every five or so minutes as if to see if I'm still online.

I don't want to read too much into things, but I just want to talk to him and get him back. What should I do? I've thought about talking to him and bringing up our past inside-jokes and things, but I don't know. Things play out perfectly in my head, but I know that will never be the case.
How do I get him back?
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