Girls, I got rejected for being HAIRY. How to overcome this feeling of worthlessness?

Met a girl online. Had great talks and long chats. Showed her pictures and then met her.
Apparently she noticed my hairy arms and chest hair that's visible above.
She even commented about it and said that I am a very hairy man. The meeting was good according to me.
Haven't heard from her since we met.
Probably it's due to my hairy body.

Why do women do such things to hairy men. Being very hairy is some infectious disease? :o

Is it a wrong category?


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What Girls Said 2

  • 😂😂😂

  • Lol every woman has her own preferences, some women like hairy men, because it's so rediculously manly. And some like guys less hairy-to all over shaven.

    • It's so rediculoisly manly? I doubt

    • Lol there's all types. I was just listing one extreme for some women hahaha

    • That's funny

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