Should I keep avoiding my ex which makes me feel like a child or start being friendly waving hi n smiling?

we have both moved on too other people, my ex last words was too never speak to her again.. long story. but broke up was her felt and a choice she made since she let her parents control our relationship too the point it was very unhealthy and when they
forced her too break up with me she cried for months but accepted it.. i did fight for her but failed so moved on. i happen to run into her at kmart 6 week's ago which is where she works at it seems and when ever i go their i avoid her but she always looks at me a lot. we were both friend's for 8 years and she let her parents kill our friend.. which is what hurt the most from me. so i moved on from her i make no effect to speak to her and if she looks at me i go the other way if she the only casher with no one in line then i go on too the next casher even if they got 20 people in line or i go too customer service. in fact this happened the other day their were only 2 casher open she looked at me and i went too the casher behind her.. my girlfriend said my ex was looking at me while we were paying for her stuff. so my question is should i start acting more friendly towides my ex? like waving her when i see her n smiling. tbh am just respecting her wish's.


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  • Just smile and move on


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