Guys I need help. Is this man crazy? What's going on here?

Okay so I used to have a "relationship" with this guy, he is 22 years old, well we used to have this sex relationship, just sex, I don't know maybe we make the mistake of put love in it, and things get difficult, but about 2 weeks ago his best friend told me that he have sex with another woman, in his house, I mean we never have a serious relationship but it was kinda, because we always used to ask me, what are you doing? Why you don't answer the phone? And things like that.
I told him that I don't want anything with him no more, but he keeps calling me, saying that he loves me and bla bla bla, what is happening with this man?


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  • he's paying you. he's gotta be one of those guys that is just trying to keep you tied to him so when he wants to "be with you" he can. if he's doing other women I hope your making him use a condom or two.😶I'm just suggesting.🤗

    • Thanks for the opinion I think the same about him, he just want to keep me tied to him for sexual interest obviously, and omg yes, so disgusting 😷🤢

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