2 months with no contact, I thought I was getting better... why am I falling back now?

Its been just under two months since me and my ex called it quits. We ended on -- I think good terms. Although it was basically mutual -- I think I was the one who was dumped.

The first two weeks were a disaster for me. I decided during the break up that having no contact with him would be best. (I think I'm doing an okay job, I've had no real desire to see him or talk to him.) I started to get somewhat better -- mostly because I had one of the best Christmas's ever despite my recent break up. (I spent Christmas eve with a coworker and we went to see Star Wars on Christmas day.) I even had a pretty damn good New Years eve -- hella hungover, but hella worth it.

I've taken up 3 new dance classes, and my tiny group of friends and I have made an effort to do something at least once a week, every week this year. So I have been busy, very very busy this month. I also booked my summer holidays this year, and I am beyond excited for them.

But over the last few days, I feel this, numb feeling, that I felt when we broke up. I will admit this, although hard, I miss him. But then, when I think about how I miss him, I think about how he hurt me, and how he lied to me, and how he -- chose her over me.

And now I don't know what to feel.

This is what I feared most -- I entered 2017 confident, I didn't feel alone, and I was on top of the world for a few weeks. Now here I am, single, sad, regretful, blue, low, and heart broken -- all over again.

This shit sucks


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  • Its like drug withdrawal. And i mean that in a very literal sense. The mind experiences the same things after a break up as it does when detoxing from heroin. As someone with personal experience in drug withdrawal as well as relationship withdrawal i can tell u it is very hard. It has its ups and downs. You will feel great one day and then they are all u think about the next. As time goes on the peaks and valleys even out and u move on. But as with drug withdrawal a part of u will always miss them. Try to give as little power to those thoughts as u can. Love got a stronger hold on me than dope ever did. I broke up with my girl 2 months ago now and i dream about her almost every night. Its hell. Im trying to take my own advice lol

    • My stupid friend brought up that he came into the coffee shop she works at along with his new girlfriend -- the one he left me for. I got... maybe a little too angry with her... but god every time I think about her and him it just makes me want to cry and cry for hours.

    • I've been there. Just distract yourself with anything you can. Its not easy but its alll you can do. After a while you won't need to distract yourself as much and itl get better

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  • Try and keep yourself distracted


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