Ex emailed me "Just thinking of you" and "I wish you well" ... Is he trying to leave it open or tell me he has moved on?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 5 weeks ago. I emailed him briefly kindly asking if he would mind dropping the last of my things at a mutual friends. He lives near that friend and I wanted to respect his space. It has been a little over a month and I am still getting over him (2 yr. relationship). He responded by saying... he was doing fine, he hoped all was well with me.. then.. "I was just thinking of you..." he said he would drop off my items with our friends and that he "wishes me well". I was a little surprised he said he was thinking of me. I don't want to read into it for anything more than it is but do you think he was trying to feel things out to see if I was open to working things out? To me, I wish you well means he has moved on.


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  • He's trying to find a way in so you'll fuck him. He just broke up with or doesn't have anyone at the present time so he's testing you

    • So maybe, are you saying... the first part was to get me to say I missed him so he could try to get me to sleep with him? Then maybe the last part was to wish me well just in case I am not interested?

    • All of it is to test the waters to see if you're available as a backup plan

  • in my Opinion, he misses you. Trust your instinct

    • I sent him a reply thanking him and said I wish you well too. Brief and simple. If he is still interested I would assume he would reach out again if he wants to try to fix things?

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