Befriending my exes friends?

I was with my ex for 3 years. We broke up a year ago on bad terms. He comes in and out of my life still all the time still. One minute he's trying to get me back, the next minute he's cold and cuts contact. Our last meet up didn't end well and he blocked all contact from me. It's been a month since and I haven't heard from him. Recently, one of his friends video called me. I didn't answer and replied the next morning saying I fell asleep. His friend told me he was with 8 of this friends, wouldn't tell me who but they wanted to call me. His friend then made plans with me and his other friend to hangout this weekend.. is it a good or bad idea to befriend my ex's friends? These are also guys my ex knows I would never be interested in. I just can't tell if getting connected with his life this way would help or ruin our chance of getting back together? Like I never see my ex around unless he asks to see me and these boys have parties a lot and maybe it would be good for me to start getting invited? Thoughts?


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  • I think being friend's with them is ok. Unless if you want to get back together with your ex then I would say no don't befriend his friend's

    • Why not if I want to get back with him?

    • Because he might see it as cheating in a way even though it's not. Some guys feel it's a line that shouldn't be cross and take offense to it. And feel disrespected by it. I view it from different angles.

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