How to behave on first meeting with "on a break bf"?

Sorry for bad English. Taking a break with LDR boyfriend from relationship. He basically asked me for break up because I am clingy and needy. But I begged him to taking a break instead of break up.
Next month we gonna meet again for a weekend trip. The trip was planned before the relationship got worse. So it's not like a meeting where he want to see me again or a meeting designed to "taking a decission" about our relationship. Day 18 and I still talk to him once in every 7/4 days. He iniciated the first communication but the others 2 communications iniciated by me.
Last night I asked him about us and he said he haven't think about us yet. I told him if he made up his mind he should let me know. His answer is simple "we will see".
I wanna know how should I behave during our first meeting after taking a break? One hotel room or separate room? Should I bring up our relationship and asked him for decissions or I just follow his lead? Do you guys think appearance will make any differences towards his feeling about me? I kinda overweight (and i just realize that this is why I am insecure, needy and clingy to my bf) and have lost 15 kg since the last time we meet. He told me that my weight never be a problem and I am beautiful tho. But I know I am a little bit overweight (before: 168cm/71kg now 168cm/55kg). Please help. Thank you soo much.


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  • You're insecure, clingy and have incredibly low self esteem, you need to spend time on your own and learn to be independent and happy before having a relationship because you are far too dependent on your boyfriend and it would drive anyone away.

  • I agree with shadowlegend.

    For this trip assume that you are just friends, don't try to push anything more. I'm sorry to say, but if you begged to keep him from completely breaking up with you, it's likely the he is just trying to be nice and is trying to be gentle with your feeling. He is probably hoping that during this "break" you will move on and have less feeling so that eventually a break up will be less than a shock.
    Again treat him only as a friend.

    You are not just insecure about your weight. You could be your ideal weight and would still be worried. It takes time, but you have to learn to see the good in yourself and see your own self work, eventually working toward self love (or at least respect). Once you reach that point you will see that you deserve to be happy and be with a partner that is thrilled to be with you. You won't need to be with someone to be complete, but are better with the right person.

    • Take time for yourself. Keep a journal or notebook of your feelings. Ask close friends of family to help you see your own gifts, and possibly see a counselor, therapist, or group therapy.

      It's a long road to loving yourself, but it is definitely worth it- coming from a therapist and someone who had made the journey

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