Why is this ex so confusing? Any guys (or girls) understand why he's like this? any advice?

Posting for a friend. So it's been 16 months and she still likes her ex. broke up over something petty, so petty that after 16 months she and even I forgot the reason. But he did rebound on someone for a week and tried to make her jealous and hurt her. about a year after the breakup in October 2015 he told his friends he may take her to the movies but he bailed and never ended up asking. He also just smiled she was mentioned but I don't think he knew She liked him. Until holidays came.

He was talking to another girl who goes to our school, is a grade older but he has never spoken to in real life. He just started tagging her in a lot of stuff they didn't really message each other or flirting. Even though I think they are just friends. my friend is a stress pot. She was drunk and confessed her feelings to him. He was calm but cold. Told her he didn't like her, want/need her and coldly said bye. It killed me because my friend is so pretty the amount of guys that want her is astounding. It even makes me insecure! For the rest of the holidays I usually just reassured her that he was just friends with the girl. Holidays ended last week and he doesn't even speak to this girl in person. It kills me that she's hurting. I reckon her ex wouldn't even ADMIT if he had feelings for her. I asked her what she wanted in life and she said just to built attraction and rapport with him again. Any one help her out or can tell me why her ex is such a c*nt


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  • are u mad at him? 🤔

    • Well yeah he's so mean to my friend

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