Why do guys have to let their egos get in the way? If you regret a break up why not admit it?

Please dont be judgmental on this. So my ex dumped me 3 months ago after a fight. We never fought and he was always really happy when we were together and even happier when wed have the kids along (we each have 1 child from past relationships). Though i think this split had to do with commitment issues on his side meaning he wasn't ready for the next step in our relationship. We were together 2 years. I know this man loves me there was no denying that. I've heard from various people that he's very unhappy, that he misses me and even regrets dumping me. And he's not dating anyone else. Yet he won't reach out. I left him alone for about 6 weeks and I've started to try to reach out with no response. If a guy regrets it, and/or may still love me, why no response? why let your ego get in the way? or is he still not ready to talk?


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  • Honey, we're in the same age group. I've made this mistake... many times. Call him up. Tell him you miss him. That's all, just that. He *should* respond in kind. I know you should'nt HAVE to make this move... but this guy's pride is big (and likely to do with having had it blown to bits previously). He's protective of it-but he's your guy, because as you stated... he misses you, isn't with anyone else, and has regrets. Call him up, tell him you miss him, and it's okay. He sounds like a character guy, and as such, will likely respond in kind. Sincerely, A Guy Who's Had An Ego Problem In the Past Like This.

    • Not gonna happen, i learned yesterday that im blocked on his phone... but im unsure how long I've been blocked. he has no social media. and i emailed him yesterday doing all that. and so far nothing. he's completely blocked me out and i honestly dont know why. he's very stubborn i suppose?

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    • I think i lost him 😔

    • Well, try the third party message. He has to be the one to unblock you. So get the message through, and wait. Hopefully your phone rings. It's 50/50 on that. 0 if you don't. What've you got to lose?

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