How do I get over my ex who was a compulsive liar and who cheated on me?

so we broke up about 6 months ago and i still think about her sometimes. Sometimes i definitely want her back then other times i dont. long story short, she was a compulsive liar who i kept giving her chances to come clean but she never did and i found out she cheated on me and we got back together and couldnt trust her so we broke up. but only 2 months after we broke up, she got a new boyfriend and said she is so happy. we slowly cut off contact to where she even blocked me because of her new boyfriend which she never did the same when we were together. I've been slowly getting over her to where i sent her a message explaining that everything was great while it lasted and that im finally happy for her and told her to have a great life. After that, she re-added me on snapchat and messaged me saying is it bad that she misses my pups. we sent a couple of messages back and fourth. then a week later i hit her up and said he boyfriend would be mad and blocked me? then she readded me and reblocked me a week later without saying a word to me? im just confused and i know she's over me but why even bother me like that when she treated me like shit the whole time? and all i want to do is get over her by now because there is no point since its been like 6 months. How do i get over her?


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  • You miss the companionship, not the person. Identify what you miss about the friendship but then identify what you don't miss about the person. Once you realize that the relationship nor you were important to her if she treated you that way, you'll readjust how you see her and you won't miss her. You need to remind yourself persistently of the reality - the relationship with her wasn't good and it won't be good if you have it again, don't fantasize about how things could be different because that isn't the reality.


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