Would you get upset if you broke up with your significant other and everyone he knew unfriended you on Facebook?

So, my girlfriend cheated on me and that's why we broke up. When she was in Europe with her "friend" whom she was cheating on me with, I found out from our mutual friends that she was blocking everyone that I knew from seeing her updates.

When she came back from Europe, we broke up and about a month later, I told my friends and family that she was blocking us from seeing anything new on her Facebook, so there's really no point in friending her on Facebook.

In the time span of about 2-3 days, all of my friends and family unfriended her on Facebook. A couple weeks later, we talked on the phone and she said that she was really upset when all of my family and friends unfriended her on Facebook and that none of her family and friends unfriended me. To be clear, I don't know why she said that because her family doesn't even use Facebook, they use Snapchat and I was never friends with any of her friends on Facebook in the past.

Would you get upset if you broke up with your boyfriend and everyone he knew unfriended you on Facebook? Why would she be upset when she blocked us from seeing everything anyway?


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  • She was upset because she felt guilty and now her reputation and impression on your friends and family will never be the same again. There's nothing you can do about it. Move on. Everyone is angry at her,, probably,. and even if you two get back together it's not going to be the same anymore since your family and friends doesn't like her anymore


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  • No I'd be fine. We're not dating anymore so it's natural we would stop talking. And honestly the gall to whinge about your family disliking her after she cheated on you is ridiculous. Just stop talking I her and giving her power over you.


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