Advice for moving on fast?

and.. can you be friends with your ex? adding that I was madly in love with her. now? well I have partially moved on but being stuck lonely in this weird city is killing me bad.


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  • By cutting all means of contact and getting rid of anything that has sentimental value. I. e pictures, gifts , texts etc. Things of sentimental value feeds your memories , which prevents you moving on

    It's impossible to be friends with an ex if you're still in love with her , or if you still have feelings for her. It's pointless remaining friends with an ex.. life's meant to be travelled forwards.. not backwards

    • I totally get it. but after I've moved on? like we can't still be friends?

    • I mean.. tbh she wanted to be friends with me. but at times when she called me I felt so hurt and I said rude things to her at times. I had to cut ties to stop hurting both of us.

    • Personally I couldn't be friends with an ex , cos it just complicates future relationships , and brings too much drama into your life.

      The only way to know for sure if you can be friends or not , is to try. You'd need to put the past behind you both, and rebuild a friendship relationship cos after a breakup there's usually unresolved issues , and bitterness.

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  • Completely cut all contact with her.

    Block all her social media, do not stalk her, do not "check up on her".

    Keep busy, work on improving an aspect of yourself.

    For some guys, not all, it also helps to go out and sleep with another woman, but that didn't help me.

    • yeah. and the other answer.. like.. is it possible to be friends with your ex?

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    • she wanted to be friends with me. but whenever we talked I felt so hurt.. like.. really hurt and sometimes I said rude things to her.. and hurt her. so I needed to cut ties. I needed to.. it fuckin hurts but I needed to do that so bad.

    • Exactly, otherwise you just keep reopening the wound.

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  • The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy and try not to dwell on her. Spend time with family and friends and don't keep any contact with your ex for now. It's entirely possible to be friends with an ex, I'm friends with my ex now. But it does take time and you need to be 100% over them before it can happen. Good luck!

  • an ex forms part of your past don't forget it


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