Ex asking if I am ok with him not being interested in anything else right now?

Me and my ex had this sexual relationship after we broke up. I still have/had hopes of us but now its fading to where I don't know. Anyway after breakup we have had sex for 9 months after. At times he wanted to stop that bc it was not fair to either of us but we always came back together. I know he needs his life in order too. Lately a few times he has been inviting me out to come to the bars if he's out. I have not gone. The other week he invitied me for his cousins birthday and said as a friend. He said he's serious about the "friend" thing and he said he has to be honest he's not interested in anything else right now. He also asked if I was ok with that. What does that all even mean? First why the quotation around the "friend" and then interested right now, and asking if i am ok with it? what is that? I don't know what he's thinking. Like I don't know if he wants to go out and see what else is out there etc.
  • Wants to keep an open relationship with you, when he's ready he might want to try again
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  • Other.- Please explain
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  • stringing you along, unfortunately. you give him regular sex so if course he will stick around for that

  • Tell him you're happy


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