Advice on moving on?

I went out with this girl for about a year but it was a pretty intense relationship. Its been more than a year since we split up but I still can't get over her and it makes me feel like something is wrong with me. I can't stand the idea that she might be seeing someone else, but we're still friends. Not sure if I want her back but i guess a part of me does.

I need some advice because its making me a bit miserable and I don't want it to reign over me for much longer.



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  • From my personal experience, have distance seems to help. When me and my ex broke up we decided to be friends and it didn't feel like much had changed and so I hadn't really gotten over him til he decided he need 2 weeks to be alone. At first I was hurt but I realised that the time away gave me time to focus on myself and made it clear to me if I really wanted us to get back together in the future or not. I now only see him as a friend and like that there's distance as it gives time for us both to heal. So maybe what you need is some distance from her. This could really help you think if you want to be with her or not.


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