Why do I feel bad for my ex even though she treated me like a piece of worthless shit?

Long story short, we were in a relationship for almost 3 years, she changed and became a bitch, ditching to go to parties with her ho friends, recording herself grinding on dudes and lastly playing with my feelings.

I blocked her after she dumped me for not paying her stuff and telling me I'm a cheap ass, never replied to her messages again and I haven't known of her existence ever since. (around 4 months ago), well, last night my mom called to speak and then she mentioned her and said she took the placement test for college and she messed up really bad at math and other stuff, and I felt a little bit sad, maybe because when we were in the relationship I would help her with anything and explain her classes and stuff, and then I thought to myself that with all the hurt and anger I feel towards her for how she made me feel, like some part of me doesn't want her to be miserable even tho it might hurt me when she finds another dude in college (highly fucking possible) ...

is this wrong? to feel like that after being treated like dirt?


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  • let's have a reality check she is not gonna come back no matter how you feel. If she dates someone else and you can't get over this unnecessary fear then you have no self respect. Women don't stick to men who act like little vulnerable kids. Grow up.

  • It is because you don't respect yourself. Until you do that, you will keep attracting people who treat you like shit.

    • I dont think you actually read the question

    • I did read the question. Everything is built on a foundation. Analyze the foundation.

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