I need to breake up with my girlfriend?

i met my girlfriend on the Internet. tbh, i hate long distance relationships. i saw her just not enough and the last time it just felt like we were friends. also, we were both shy.
so, i think I might not love her anymore plus the long distance...
but now she is in a really hard phase of her life, she meant i were the one and only thing that keeps her alive... im afraid that she would kill herself if i would break up..
what shall I do?
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  • do not break up
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  • break up leater (wait til she feels better)
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  • You can't have someone guilt trip you into staying with them when you don't want to be with them, that's ridiculous. Just break up with her.

    • im really afraid that she will kill herself then..

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    • So whats wrong with being her friend until she's alg and then break it off with her

    • i dont know when she's going to be alright.. plus i... okay man got me. i dont know

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What Guys Said 2

  • Why u need it? its so bad. i think try again.

  • be honest with her. you can be her friend.


What Girls Said 3

  • Her being unhappy could even be a resulting factor of the relationship. Been through a similar situation before, except he was an asshole and I probably wouldn't of cared if he did something stupid. You can stay with someone because they "need" to stay alive, that's a lot of pressure. Talk to her about it, maybe you can be friends, be there for her still.

  • I would wait until things got better for her before breaking up

  • I know exactly how you feel. 😢😞 been there in the same situation.


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