Effective ways to get ex boyfriend back?

So me and my ex had being together for 4 years but at the end of our realationship I was in a bad place for a year struggling with anxiety and depression and went of the rail with partying and drinking /drugs self harm and developed an eating disorder I was a mess. I pushed my ex away and started talking to other guys who gave me attention I never cheated but my ex had enough and called it quits he said we can still be friends but I know I made a big mistake and have cried and begged him to get back together but he said we can't at the moment but maybe later down the line. Tbh I think he sick of me and wants me out his life he never texts first and I have to beg him to hang out , I at least want him to want to talk to me and hang out and text first.


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  • Rehab and make an attempt to get rid of the eating disorder. And get cleaned up cause your appearance physically, socially and mentally also applies to who you date.

  • Ask him to go out for coffee and have a serious heart to heart

  • its never a good idea to get back with your ex


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