Ex started deleting pictures of me and her on Instagram. What does it mean?

My ex girlfriend had a good 30 or so pictures of me up on her Instagram and last night she took a few off. All of the ones that were of just me are gone, and some of the ones of me and her are gone too. However, she left a lot of the ones of us together untouched. What is she doing? Does anyone understand what this means?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because you are her ex and she doesn't want photos of you on her social media, pretty obvious. Emotionally, it may mean she's completely over you or she's wanting to get over you so she's erasing any reminders.

    • I'm confused about why she's leaving some up though. If she's erasing any reminders, shouldn't she delete the other ones too?

    • You've got to stop obsessing over her social media activity man.

What Guys Said 1

  • It means she's moved on, but she's probably going to keep those other pictures because those are things that she did, so it isn't explicitly relate to you.


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