When you break up on good terms?

I broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago and I wonder if I should do anything or if she misses me. We had a great relationship the only reason we're not together anymore is because I don't have freedom to be with her as much as I want. Strict mother that I have to live with at the moment that doesn't like me staying out late even though I'm in my twenties. I think she still cares since she said we can try again once I find my own place, plus we spent the whole morning together doing boyfriend girlfriend things before she told me later that day. What should I do? I want to do something to show her I still care but I don't want to hurt her by trying to be sweet. We were great together and always kept each other laughing and smiling. Sex was also great, we'd make mistakes, fall over, whatever and just laugh it off and continue to enjoy each other. I really miss her and these next two to three months are going to kill me trying to get a place. So should I do something, does she miss me? I did my best to care for her and believe I did well, I'd always catch her looking at me when we were together. I even went three months waiting for her to be comfortable making me her boyfriend since she had recently ended a long term relationship months before we met. I don't know what to do.


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  • Don't let your mother dictate your life, you're a grown man. Either this relationship is your priority or you'll lose it for some excuse about a controlling mother.


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