Was I wrong to dump her?

I was dating this girl who had been one of my better girlfriends. She's pretty, friendly, social etc. when we were talking about things we have done in the past we both slept around quite a bit. So, I don't care if she banged the whole baseball team. She continued to talk about all the "hot" guys that she dated and what they did. She then said she kept chasing after dudes who ghosted her because she really wanted them. When I asked her why she chose me over all the frat boys, she said "I knew you were going somewhere in life." I just feel taken for granted that she is not dating me because she actually loves me. She has been coming over to my place crying and constantly calling me and texting me, trying to get me back when I don't want her. Was I wrong to dump her?


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  • I think those words were not to be taken as literal as you did. Maybe when she said that, she meant that she knew that you had somewhere to go and she was attached to that driven side of you. It also could mean that you have commitment and she really was looking for that and likes that quality in you as well. "Hot guys" are usually just meant to be flings. To her, you were probably something more.
    She just probably wants to be by your side to love and support you on your journey for years to come. I wouldn't have dumped her

    • But it just feels to me that she was with me, not because she loved me, but because she couldn't get one of those guys

    • So she could show him off to her friends

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  • If you are not feeling it with her, than, no, you weren't wrong to dump her.


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