Guys, I did a silly thing, what will happen?

I went away for work with a colleague. He is married with 2 kids (almost grown) and after a few drinks told each other how we felt. Things spiralled and went from flirty fun to falling for each other big time in 24 hours. I want to walk away but I have never met anyone I love more. We haven't slept together as I couldn't do that although we really want to. I feel like a terrible person but he is so under appreciated by his wife she's so immature even though she has years on me and she is a vile person. He said he has to put his kids first and I respect that... I just dunno how to get past it


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  • I don't believe him and if you were together how would you ever trust him? You know he cheats. Don't you dumb women ever think about that? You only know what HE said about his marriage. You don't know her side.

    • Actually I have known him a long time and know the situation. Also people aren't cheaters, just in unfulfilling relationships. I have cheated on some and not others so no I am not dumb thanks

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