My ex boyfriend broke up with me 7 months ago and I still miss him?

Okay so my ex boyfriend broke up with me back in July and we dated for about 8 months but we were best friends before then and we talked for so long it felt like a year or longer. He broke up with me and i was heartbroken. I ended up dating this one guy but my ex told him not to date me (he told him all the mistakes that happened in our relationship to scare him) and we broke up. A few months later, me and this other guy started to talk and my ex told him that he had to choose between me and him. I don't get why he's doing this but everytime me and a guy break up i miss him so much. Why haven't I moved on and why is he doing this? (Also, after we broke up we cut off all ties but just recently he followed me on instagram and added me on snapchat)


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  • It is normal that you miss him sometimes


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