I came out of a serious 2+ year relationship, but I don't feel heartbroken, why?

I started dating my now ex boyfriend during my freshman year of high school. We became the power couple of the school and everything was going completely fine between us until I decided to move from Texas to Oregon. I needed a change from the horrible situation I was in and he understood why I was leaving. We both decided to stay together for a month or two to see if we could make it work.

We argued a lot in the first month of me being in Oregon, and he was extremely stressed from being a full AP student, and I was stressed from being the new student coming in the middle of the school year. We both decided it wasn't working, we were arguing too much and being away from each other put a strain on our relationship. We made it work in Texas by seeing each other every single day, and when I drove him home from school we spent an hour talking and cuddling in the back of my car.

We both decided it was the best for us to stop dating, but I couldn't lose my best friend, and he wasn't willing to either. It was a clean breakup, and we are still friends and talk pretty often. I feel like if we got the chance in the future to date again, we would. It was a wonderful relationship, with respect and love and support, but the situation around us caused us to break. We dated for 2 years and 3 months when we called it quits.

Now that that I got that out of the way, I felt heartbroken when I first moved, but now that it's been a month without him I got used to it. When we broke up I was sad for about two days, but now I don't feel the heartbreak. Is something wrong with me? I know he is completely crushed by the breakup, but I can't feel much. Should I be heartbroken? Or it is because I got used to being without him that I am not as heartbroken as I should be? I still love him, but I am ready to move on and improve myself as a person in my new home. I feel like I miss my best friend more than I miss the relationship, is that wrong?


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  • No. Its. Not.. Wrong...
    A. Best. Friend. Is. Someone.. Who. Cares.. U. And.. Takes. Care.. About. U
    And. Love. Is. Nothing. But. A feeling... U had.. Done.. Breakup.. Then.. After. Some.. Days. Your.. Habbits. Changes. And you... doesn't... Think. About. Him


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  • Hun its because of the distance you knew it was coming so mentally you already knew


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  • then it's good

  • it's not the worst. it may take time.


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