Please read the whole thing I am extremely heart brokenand need advice?

I've been knowing a guy for 4 months we have not had sex. right when i met him he came on really strong and ever since he has called me every day, usually at night and we talk for hours. we even fall asleep on the phone. he used to be super excited about me and always wanted to see me but id turn him down just because i was scared to get close to him so wed only see each other on the weekend because thats how i wanted it. now I've decided that i do want to spend
more time with him but he isn't as keen on seeing me. we hungout Friday and we didn't even kiss the whole night because i was so drunk, and i was talking to his friend in a drunken state more than i was talking to him. he seemed vert upset. i tried making plans with him the next day (saturday) and he agreed but at night didn't call me to confirm. he called me (sunday night) to ask about my day and i opened up and told him how i was upset and i wanted to be with someone who is really excited to see me and seems like he isn't. he said that if i was going to be the type of girl who always waited for
him to call me it wasn't going to work out and basically said that he didn't call me because after Friday he was over it and didn't feel like hanging out with me the very next day. i was so hurt i told him okay then no point in keeping this going he said ok and i hung up. i am extremely heart broken as he was always sooo nice to me, hed chase after me if i ever threatened to leave. i never expected him to be so harsh. we are not boyfriend girlfriend yet


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  • this is real him.. the initial period was fake.. if u feel u can get along with him with his current behaviour.. Go ahead... else.. move on... it was anyways fake thing u fell for.. (my view).. i call it fake as it's not long lasting... it dint succeed test of time..

  • guys tend to lose interest if they don't get attention quickly, but if you're so sure about him then call him, hold on him, let him feel you're really into him, sometimes a little ego can ruin a healthy relationship that is why he asked you do take initiatives by calling him and showing him that you're actually interested in him. there should be efforts from both the end to keep a relationship and as it is said, a clap is done with both hands and not only one, he showed his interest but you didn't seem to be interested initially hence he lost interest assuming that its not going to work. its not too late yet, go get him 😉

    • but why did he all of a sudden decide to do this? I've been the same way the whole time and he was still persistent. do you think he will call again like he always does?

    • wait for another 2 days, if he doesn't, catch up with him and speak Frankly, what's stopping him. trust me a little talk over messed up relationships does no harm. it actually does clears up misunderstandings.

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