Weirdest story ever?

ı had crush before, he wanted to kiss me and ı rejected him. then he said he was drunk and he didn't want me. then ı said ok, now ı have boyfriend and he always staring at me in the street and also his friends also staring at me when ı m with my boyfriend. why so they this act? ı dont know. can anyone help me. whats going on, really. ıf he wants he can talk to me but he didn't come to me. ı texted him aand ı said lets meet and solve the probems. whats wrong.. but he didn't come. alo my boyfriend get disturb about my last crush. really why do guys like this..


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  • That story isn't as weird as the one about a boy from Vancouver.

    • actually you are right but really, it s long so ı couldnt tell whole. just ı m wondering ıf a man doesn't want a girl, why he still follow her. also it s about my luck, ı m soo unlucky, just imagine ıf the gold comes from sky. ı m sure ı would use umbrella. hhhhh

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