Why my crush want to disturb me?

ı had crush before, he wanted to kiss me and ı rejected him. then he said he was drunk and he didn't want me. then ı said ok, now ı have boyfriend and he always staring at me in the street and also his friends also staring at me when ı m with my boyfriend. why so they this act? ı dont know. can anyone help me. whats going on, really. ıf he wants he can talk to me but he didn't come to me. ı texted him aand ı said lets meet and solve the probems. whats wrong.. but he didn't come. alo my boyfriend get disturb about my last crush. really why do guys like this..


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  • seeing you probably brings back all those memories or things he had dreamt about you both together, and he can't help but stare at you. while he is staring try giving him a smile, you will know what kind of feeling he has for you.

    • aha okay, I found him looking at me, he was soo excited, also look like sad. but all his friend are angry from me. they look, like ı did something wrong. but really in the begining, he broke up he stopped talking, not me. but ı will smile him, when ı see him. thanks for comment. :)

    • anytime. and moreover his friends are angry probably because they have seen him change from an happy go lucky guy to a sadistic one. he must have been hurt.

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