I totally came off as crazy, will he ever call again?

I met this guy online and it was going well with conversation and have a lot in common. We met once and we hit it off. We then started talking for hours over the phone. He was even making plans with me a month in advance. We met up for the second time and I had a little too much to drink. I kissed him and it was really awkward. Because I was a little drunk I kind of freaked out about the awkwardness of the kiss. He asked me to forget about it but I told him I couldn't. I sent him a text the next day to apologize and he said there was nothing to be sorry about. I asked him if we could talk about and he never responded. I emailed the following day telling him that I was assuming it wasn't going to work out and wished him luck finding someone. I guess what I want to know is if there's any chance he might call me again? I really liked him.


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  • Men experience cold feet and back off when caught offguard sometimes, but us girls get very impatient and want to know answers right away, thus, making impulsive remarks like "it's not gonna work out...good luck in finding someone", etc...You have closed the door right there and did not give room or time for the friendship to flourish.

    Only time will tell if he will get in touch with you again. As they say, if a guy really likes you, they will find you. In the meantime, deliberately ignore thoughts about him and get busy. Stay cool and happy!


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  • Why did you make a big deal over it? If he said it was nothing you should have let it go. Although he may have been trying to spear your feelings. It would have turned out better by leaving it along and not consistently bringing it up or being so distraught by it that you felt the need to wish him luck finding someone else. What you did that for? Why would he call now if you told him it wasn't going to work? If you really like him you should just call him and see what happens. Good luck!

  • I can't see why a little kiss would be so bad. why was it so awkward? maybe just be honest with him and say hey people make mistakes and I got a little too drunk and possibly made a mistake. But I think that not giving this a chance between us would be a bigger mistake. I thought you were cool and a kinnda liked you ;) so maybe we could start fresh and try this again...get back to me... something like that.


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