Is she right to "test" our relationship?

Long story short, When we broke up, I tried very hard to get back together with her and I know she wants to as well so I promised her that I will cut all contact with this girl at work (jealousy) I respected her decision and cut ties with the girl.

I thought that we were still together since we kept meeting up and kissing passionately until I told her that I loved her and she responds that she didn't want a relationship with me anymore and that she couldn't trust me again. (I don't know what I've lied about but all I know is that I tell the truth)

Anyway, So i went home and wrote a letter to her saying my I hope we can still be together otherwise it's our final goodbye..
She read the letter and I got back to her 2 days later after about what it will be.
She says that she loves me but not in-love with me and that she want us to hang out (i'm guessing as friends) so since we are friends and I want my other friends back, i decided to reactivate my Facebook and start adding people.

I added this girl at work, then my ex flipped out and said that I've lied to her again and she was right not to trust me. Her final message was that she still had feelings for me and was testing me.

Is she wrong for doing this to me? I feel i was being setup all this time and she was waiting for the right moment to catch me out..


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  • She's being irrational. You did what she asked and she dumped you anyways, you told her you loved her and she told you she doesn't feel the same. She told you she only wanted to hang out as friends and so of course you figured that her jealousy was no longer an issue (she told you she didn't feel that way), so you added your friends from work (whom you weren't doing anything sneaky with anyways) and then the girl who dumped you and broke your heart comes outta nowhere and says you failed her test.

    On behalf of the female gender, I'm sorry about girls like this, I've encountered so many guys who got burned by situations like this. I know it hurts but you should let this girl go, she's toying with you and I'm not even sure she's aware of how unreasonable this behavior is.


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  • i can't read all of this but grow some balls and leave her u pathetic bastard

    • I left her after the last message. i read up on her behaviour and turns out she ticks almost all the box as a sociopath. didn't realise what I was getting myself into.

    • good now go and find a good girl

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  • Sound ridiculously immature on her part - games for for kids. You need to move on to a woman who doesn't play games to test you, wish her well and be on your way or else face dealing with back and forth mindfks until she or you get sick of it


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  • dude I think you might be knowing the meaning of being mindf***ed. I hope you don't make a mistake of considering her in your life and immediately leaving her right now.


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