My ex recorded and took pictures of us having sex, few days before the breakup. Is there a chance he could show them to his friends?

My ex and I went through a very bad breakup. And even though he is nearly 34 and I am 25, we broke up in the most immature possible way.

Before the final breakup, we have had heated discussions and wanted things to end, however we decided to give each other one more shot.
So, one night i was at his place and wanted to make love to him (it wasn't our first time of course) he said he'll admit doing so only if i admit to record myself saying "i want to have sex with you". I laughed at it, and i said "of course i will do so, you're my boyfriend, we're officially dating, nothing wrong with that", so i went on and did it.
Then, while we were having sex, he took pictures of us and recorded us doing so, with the excuse that he will have them when he is away (it was a long distance relationship).

Now, after the breakup, considering the fact that he has many morons as friends, and that it is quite popular for guys to video tape their girls and tell show them to others, i am really concerned. It's the first time i did such thing, and i don't repent it if he keeps it to himself, but if he doesn't i am worried about my reputation.

Since he lives abroad and we have cut all contact (he has blocked me everywhere), i don't know what i can do about it.



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  • was he a decent guy while you were dating because I have pictures and videos of my girlfriend but if we broke up I honestly would feel guilty having that stuff if we weren't together. so I'll say again was he a decent guy when you two were dating. if so then you won't have anything to worry about

    • By decent you mean?

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    • well if his relgion is sacred to him at all then he would have deleted them already. SK you should be on the clear

    • We were on the phone one day after the break up, arguing.. and in the midst of it, he said something like "you wanted to have sex with me, i got you recorded saying that".

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  • I was an amateur porn star and didn't even know it. My late husband posted quite a bit of video and photos of other men having sex with me. Now after 19 years I think they're all gone. I still saw some as recently as 2 years ago but I don't think too many people would go that deep into the lists to see them.

    • I am sorry to hear that.

    • It wasn't all bad. In a way I was rather turned on when I found out about it, especially after he showed me some of the comments the guys were making about my performances.

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  • Check all the large porn sites. You may be famous by now. His friends saw for sure. Or it's being held for blackmail.

    • Which are the large porn sites?

    • The first part was a joke. I don't think he did that. Unless he really is a POS. But more than likely it's blackmail.

  • Yup. It happened to my girlfriend; it could happen to you. She learned her lesson too late.

    • Why would you do so?

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    • Oh! I feel so sorry for her. These people are the worst. Using someone's love this way..

    • I always tell my students - never put anything on the Internet you don't want your Grandmother to see. It works for 50% of them.

  • Shown his friends, shown Pornhub, shown xvideos... Face it. If you're any good, you're famous now.

    • Are you serious? He was my first intimate boyfriend. Even though he didn't want to accept it since i didn't bleed during our first time.

    • Go do an internet search. Stolen porn, voyeur, exgf revenge. My... Uh... *Cough* friend tells me.

      And what kind of chucklefuck? Plenty of virgins don't bleed much. Sure, some look like you slaughtered a whole family of vampires, but just like periods, some girls barely spot the sheets.

      He's a dumbass. Of course, you let him record you fucking, so. Let's just say you two don't surprise me as a match

    • Whoa! Slow down! Quite fast at judging.
      I let him record me because i trusted him. We were planning on getting married together. Basically we told our family, friends, and everyone about it.
      I would never imagine that we would break up, at least not in bad terms.

      Anyway, thank you very much for your time and suggestions. Highly appreciated!

  • Just search the Internet. I'm sure he has already posted everything online.

  • He probably has already

    • What makes you so sure?

    • I'm not sure, but he could easily gain "rep" from his friends for showing off your sex tape.

      And if you had an immature break up and he blocked you, he might not have any respect towards you.

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  • There's a possibility

  • yes he may


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