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me and my boyfriend are pretty serious right now. I just saw on Facebook where he commented on his ex girlfriend's picture and said "i like this! aha" then she commented back and they had a conversation about hanging out at the lake soon. should I be upset or is it nothing to worry about?
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okay, so I asked him about it. well at first I asked him if he still talked to any of his exes. and he lied and said no. so I told him I knew he did. then he was like, well me and her are really good friends? so what now?


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  • See, here is the thing: if he had just admitted to it, I wouldn't worry. If it's not a big deal, why hide it, right? When my best friend was going to hang out with her friend and her ex, she had no problem telling her boyfriend because it wasn't a big deal to her. She even invited her current boyfriend to come if he didn't like the idea of her hanging out with her ex. The fact that yours tried to lie about it is worrisome. It sounds like you need to ask him why he tried to hide it. See if he has a problem about you going to the lake with them - after all, why would he need to hang out with her alone? Don't let him treat you badly. I wish you the best.


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  • If my boyfriend was talking to one of his ex's I would get a little ensecure because of the fact they've had history with each other.. Keep talking to him and persuade him not to meet up with her and list your reasons why you should have a problem with it ;) or if your boyfriend doesn't have a problem with it, you go wtih him, if he does, then theirs obviously something still theree. (: hope this helps x

  • girl confront him about it


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