Have you ever been in a relationship where everyone was against you?

Everyone except our families doesn't support our relationship. Our friends all think we should break up. Not sure what to do. I love being with him but they make me feel like my mind is screwed up


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  • Ya... Itss.. Difficult.. To... Love.. And.. To be in. A. Relation... If. U r.. In true. Love... With your. Partner. Then.. No one. Csn. Stop. U

  • He's probably bad for you

    • But then I'm like why is my family pushing me to marry him one day.. they know all he's done and they love him

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    • I think my friends think guys are disposable and relationships aren't really work, but supposed to be all happiness and rainbows. The longest relationship they have had is 6 months.

    • If you really like him then there is no problem at all

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