Is it cheating? And what's the best way out of this potentially sticky situation?

In March I hooked up with an ex boyfriend that I still had feelings for, and that still had feelings for me. We acknowledged that the distance was daunting; we attend colleges 500 miles apart. Thus, we decided that rather than deny our feelings, we'd rather stay in each others' lives in whatever way possible, so we decided to have an open relationship; we can date other people, kiss other people, hook up at parties, etc, but no sex.

Recently, things started to get pretty serious with one of the guys I was casually seeing at school. He's in one of the student orgs I'm in, and we'll be working together very closely next year. He's also very religious and doesn't believe in sex before marriage, so I haven't broken our no sex rule. I have, however, spent a couple of nights at his place in the past week and it's common knowledge at school that we are together.

Now, back home for a few weeks, my "open relationship" boy wants to hang out. Neither guy knows about the other. Is there any way to go about this without hurting at least one of them or making next year awkward within my student org with the boy from school?


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  • choose between the two because you will only end up gettin hurt !

    which one do you feel more happy with or one you can thrust

    good luck hope it works out ::)

    oh could you please answer my question on the man that staers at me I need more advice thank you ;)

  • First you need to decide what you want. Do you want to pursue a relationship with the new guy or stay with your ex boyfriend?

    In either regard, it isn't cool to hang with the new guy and not tell him that you are in an open relationship. An open relationship is a relationship. The new guy should have the option to decide if he is okay with that. Chances are, he won't be. Think about this.

    I personally think your concept of an open relationship is a bit confused. It's great you and your ex agree on this, but the other people you meet in the meantime are apparently not being given the option on weighing in on the subject. If you are randomly kissing someone at a party, fine, I guess, but pretending you are available for a relationship or sex is not cool.


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