Why do I miss my ex out of no where?

So it's been a little over a month that my ex and I broke up after 3 years at first I was devastated I tried reconciling but it didn't work so I've blocked her from everything thinking I could get over her. It was working until out of no where I start missing her and I feel lonely. I wonder if she starts missing me as well even though it seems like she's over me?


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  • It's normal to miss your ex, I mean after having someone in your life for any amount of time you just kinda get used to having them there so when they're gone it's just really weird sometimes. It takes a while to get used to the empty place where they used to be, it does get lonely but you can't let that eat you away. The key is to try and talk to other people, just as friends it doesn't have to have any kind of romantic thing to it, but just try talking to people, it'll at least keep you a little bit distracted hopefully and soon enough you'll feel better. You deserve to be happy, always remember that


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  • I think its perfectly normal. I am actually currently getting over a relationship myself and I have been experiencing the ups and downs. One day I'll be fine and the next I can only think about her. I actually recently talked to a friend who actually dated my ex and he said, "yeah. every once in a while I suddenly am reminded about why I loved her and I wish I didn't break up with her. Then I realize shortly afterward why I broke up with her..." Essentially I think it goes through everyone. She had an impact on your life and so of course you will occasionally be reminded of her. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks appreciate it's just crazy seeing how normal she seemed but every time I would talk to her she would start crying

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    • 9 months

    • and yeah. Everything definitely happens for a reason.

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