Lost any hope iv ever had?

I feel like dying more and more everyday.. its been two years I can't get a fucking job.. iv done everything required of me and nothing works..

I can't get over the divorce I'm going through. assholes for film members.. my life is in shambles, all friends have disappeared, they only show up when they wanna smoke weed.

iv lost my sense of timing. I can't sleep I barely eat. I feel depressed as fuck.. tried cutting my again but I don't yet have the courage to finish the job.

I'm just so broken and tired of acting like I'm not.. its killing me. I am not looking for someone to fix me, just friends or family maybe someone whoo be there with me as I find a way to fix myself.

I don't know what to do and I'm so scared of everything that's crumbling around me.


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  • Awe boo, don't look at it that way. I can try to help you find a job.
    Watch some motivational videos, I know how you feel. Don't be like that you're okay :3


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  • I am praying for you.


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  • You're suffering depression and if you want to make things better then you need to proactively seek help for this sort of thing.

    • That's what counsellors or support groups are for, to find people going through the same thing you are. Many people feel this way at some point in their life, and you can make the effort to overcome it by proactively seeking guidance and applying that knowledge to improving your mentality, or you can wallow in self-pity and keep blaming the world for how you feel.

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