Contact dumper?

Im the dumpee, should i contact my ex, or should he do it?

he broke up two months ago and haven't contacted me, will he ever?


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  • I know its hard but you got to stay strong and reserve your own dignity. He is probably being stubborn but no doubt he misses you. Please learn from my mistakes and do not reach out to him

    • You think he does miss me?

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    • Do you think he will?

    • i'm not a fortune teller, if he doesn't F*** him

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  • What reason should he have to contact you? Unless there is an unresolved legal or financial matter such as a shared bill in both names, or a bill in thr name of whomever moved out, or y'all have kids together, is over and he has no reason to call you.


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  • calling to ask him if he misses you or not? bad idea... it's like i want your temporary attention while you don't care about me.

    I know there are strong feelings towards that person.. but mentally, that relationship will give you nothing but negativity... and emotionally (temporary feelings).

  • Why would you want contact? It's over.


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