My ex showed up on people you may know on Facebook but I was blocked before now?

He made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with me when he ignored me and blocked me haven't had any contact in months and no mutual friends so how would his page come up on people you may know


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  • If you still have his number saved in your contacts he will show up if your not blocked. If you blocked you won't see him.

    • I know I was blocked for a bit I didn't realize I was unblocked till he showed on people you may know his number and contact info was deleted I guess he must have unblocked me recently

    • Yeah I hate that Facebook has a memory like an elephant. Also is you've searched for him and not cleared out your search activity he will pop up on there too. It's like you have to erase everything that ties any names.

    • I'm glad I'm not blocked I have always stayed so civil with ex's but this one hates me

  • probably from email contacts or contacts number

    • I don't have his name number or email stored in my phone though my friend says he must have gone on my page a few times to show up on there I'm just curious because I thought he hated me

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    • Thanks I doubt he'll contact me but it's nice to know he unblocked me it kinda made me feel like shit being blocked

    • you're welcome. Blocking people is kinda immature unless if that person won't stop bugging you non stop

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