Should not have done that?

So last week I heard that my ex girlfriend which I've been together for 4 years has a new guy since 4 months. Because we broke up 5 months ago and I tried to get her back for multiple months. I got pretty angry because she let me apologize and jump up and down without her ever mentioning that she already has someone new.

So I was pretty rude far more as I thought I'm even capable of. Today I thought even thought she might have done something wrong I don't want a 4 year relationship to end in calling each other "Bitch" and "Asshole", so I sent her a message in which I apologized my behavior and that I wish her good luck with her new guy.

I told some friends that I apologized to her and everyone said "You should not have done that", "I have a bad feeling about this" and so on but noone was able to tell me why I shouldn't have done it and personally I don't see anything wrong with it but I would like to understand what my friends mean with that ^^

  • It was good to do it
  • You should not have done that
  • It doesn't matter
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  • I think it's good that you realized that what you did was wrong. While I don't necessarily agree with how she handled you trying to get her back, it is important to recognize that she has moved on and getting upset about it isn't helping anyone. You handled the situation well.

    Hope this helps ~Turtle

  • agree you handled it well and maturely. you need to walk away now, when things fail with this new guy (which they will) at least you'll be in a position of power where there are no hard feelings towards you

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