Why would she do this?

After my ex broke up with me I waited about a week or so before contacting her hoping she just needed some space to cool down after our huge fight..

So I ended up contacting her and she was stoked to hear from me, even told me "thank you for this talk" towards the night when we were saying our goodnight...

The next day I decide not to hit her up, just so I wouldn't seem so pushy and needy..

The following day after that we I hit her up again and it went even better then the other day we talked, this time she came out and said "heey I miss you.." towards the night and so I told her I felt the same.

Okay now this is were it gets weird...
The day after that I just simply said "hey goodmorning I hope u have a good day c:" she replied said goodmorning, and I asked if it was okay if I can reach out to her later in the day due to being super busy at work, and so she says "yea sure it's okay (:"

So I get off of work about 6 hrs later, I reached out and said "hey I'm off c:" and no reply... so later on that night I reached out and said "hey I needa tell you something" (me feeling like she felt dumb for even telling me she missed me, I told her "it's okay for what u said don't worry about it c: I could possibly feeling the same") and she replied saying "I don't think it's okay that we talk every single day, I get too attached to you and I don't want to get attached"...

So I proceed to ask her if she really meant it when she said she missed me, she said yes I do miss you but I never said anything about dating, and so I asked well is it bad to be friends and she said I don't know maybe in the future ur right now I can't.. then she brought up our past writing me paragraphs on how I treated her and she left..

So the following day I'm reaching out letting her know "hey whenever ur ready to talk I'll be here" . And letting her know that I miss her

And she finally said it "please leave me alone, I'm only going to say this once :/"


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  • I fucked up too. I wish I could tell him how sorry I am. And that I miss him. But I'm too afraid to say anything. The bane of my entire existence!!!


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  • from experience you absolutely need to go no contact now. She wants space and you have to give it to her.. no contact is at least 30 days where you do not contact her by any means. If she contacts you just politely tell her that you need some time away from her to process the break up.. during this time you need to focus on yourself, become a 2.0 version and clear your head. Trust me nothing wise is said under heavy emotions


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  • Don't push it. But don't be her string puppet either.

  • She isn't interested


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