Do you only stop thinking about your ex at the point in which you get into another relationship?

I was single (only FWBs) for 7 years before getting with this girl. Was with her for a year and I liked her a lot, as our connection was great. Its been two months since I broke up with her because she was distant and I could tell she lost her feelings for me. I've been on 4-5 dates all with different, nice girls (I'm not really into any of them) and have met a good amount of new people, traveled, had fun, hit the gym, read books, all that stuff. I still think of her tho and I wonder if I will ever stop thinking of her. Will it stop once I get into a new relationship?


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  • You obviously have unresolved feelings about her which you should proactively try to deal with, and then your mentality with adjust. But that being said, it's not unusual that you think about an ex, but why?

    • Yea I do still have feelings for her but I don't know how to deal with them, besides focusing on myself and letting time pass.. its taking longer than I thought. So basically, I want to know if getting into a new, better relationship will help me get over her?

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    • Yea i agree.. i dont think i can be friends with her, cuz the little flame will persist. As far as dating, I noticed that when i spend time with this one certain girl, I don't think of my ex at all. We get along great. But I dont want to rush into anything, because, well you know. I dont really compare them cuz all women are great in their own ways. I just focus on being in the moment w the new girl and enjoying our time and seeing everything that's great about her. Thanks for your insight. I think I'll just slow it down even more so.

    • When then it sounds like you have resolved your feelings.

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  • Probably


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