I think I want to break up with my boyfriend?

How do I know if I should? He hasn't done anything "wrong" its I'm just not feeling any spark anymore. I think I wanna date other people and have take breather from him for awhile. I've been feeling like this for about a month and a half but I didn't say anything for a bunch of various reasons. The thing is though I am afraid I'm going to regret breaking up with him since he hasn't done anything wrong per say he's just become so clingy and really annoying to me. I really care about him and would love to keep him as a friend but the long and the short of it is I have 2 options if I want to break up with him:

#1. Break up with him this weekend=Sooner than later might be less painful for both of us but might screw up finals for him which aren't this week or next week but the week after

#2. Break up with him after finals which would be about 3 weeks later from now.

Okay so I just wanna give you a few extra details being:

-I am so not conceited but he is totally head over heels for me. He told me he loved me not even a month into the relationship

-He tells me constantly that he is happy he's with me and stuff

-We've been dating for about 3-4 months

- I'm invited on vacation with them

What about taking a break before final exams? But what if I still decide I don't want to be with him... will that be worse?


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  • I believe that if you don't like him or have no strong feelings to be with him then you should not stay with him for the simple fact that you want to "protect" his feelings.

    If you put it off until after the final exams, then you put it off until after the trip, then it will be something else and then something else.

    If he likes you a lot then either way he is going to get hurt when you dump him.

    So I think that if you have no feelings for him in that way, that you need to tell him so both of you can move on and hopefully find the right person.


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  • hey

    just wait until his finals and I that time you can think about it again. And if you think that he is really a good guy then don't leave him, just take a break and then see if things would get a bit right on track. hang out more with other friends...otherwsie tell him after his finals..that will be better.

    take care


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  • If you care for this boy I would try to hold out until AFTER finals. I know of a guy that his girlfriend broke up with him and he was head over heels for her and it totally screwed him up in the head. He was so depressed. Finals are important especially if its his last year of highschool (I am not sure how old you are but your profile says under 18). If you find it to hard just get creative with excuses like "my best friend is going through a tough time and needs me" but really do try to drag it out a bit for his sake. I know sooner is better and normally I would agree but when you mentioned finals I just remembered my guy friend and he really was a mess for such a long time I don't think he would have been able to drive a car let a long write an important exam that could be important for his future.

    that is my thoughts anyways.


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