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hi guys!
so, my ex boyfriend broke up with me 2,5 months ago.
we had an amazing relationship and i know he loved me a lot..
he cried very much when he broke up and his reason was that he no longer saw a future for us, and wanted to Break up now so he didn't have to do it later.
he told me he really cares for me and it was very important for him to ve friends with me. I told him i couldnt now because i still loved him..
he contacted me a few times the week after the breakup but i told him to stop because i got my hopes up..
since then he hasn't said a word to me in 2 months!! I really dont understand.. he said he loved me and cares for me, but why osnt he asking How Im doing then?
also i still love him and want him back, do you think there is still a chance he may regret?
what should i do?


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  • you told him to stop contacting you... that's why he's not contacting you... teenagers man..


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  • You told him not to contact you, and now you want him to contact you?

    • Yeah cause i meant the first weeks

    • Well, it's over. The best way to get over someone is to stop seeing them, contacting them and remove the from social media.

      I remember you from before and I think you're not really trying to get over him. If you want him back why not just try contacting him yourself?

    • well he probably doesn't read minds, so he probably doesn't know what you meant.

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  • if he wants you too den there is a chance els don't wast uo time on him move on

  • There might be a chance you two get back together

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    • I message him once, but it wasn't on purpose.. i sent a thumb up when i was looking for a pic he sent me on Facebook.. he replied, and he was really Nice, does that mean he misses me? And do you think he slowly stops missing after a while?

    • He could slowly miss you after a while.

      He could miss you a lot rn

      Go talk to him at least

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